Why I Decided To Become a Physical Therapist

physical therapistI became a physical therapist many years ago. I was familiar with the profession because of its association with athletics. I was a high-level athlete in high school and college, but I was also injured a lot. The very well-funded organizations of which I was affiliated could afford the best physical therapists to not only keep us in top shape, but to also return us to this form after injuries. These people always seemed solid and professional. I admired their sharp appeal, and I began to realize that there were careers that I could participate in within the athletic world without the abuse on my body that occurs from participating in sports.

With further research, I found that the industry was far vaster than I had considered. This is especially true with the very large retiring group of baby boomers. As this large group of people age, they need more attention from medical professions like physical therapy, and also for the same reasons as athletes. This is to keep them in the best shape possible for their ages, and to help them recover from any injuries that could prevent this. There is practically not a single health sector that does not benefit from the services of this group of medical professionals.

I first had to finish my degree. I got it in kinesiology because that degree familiarizes you greatly for the three year program to become an entry level PT or physical therapist. I understand now that some places allow students to begin the road to becoming a PT after three years in college. However, the program still takes three years before receiving your DPT or Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

I found out that I really loved it, so it seemed to go by really fast. The options in my life became wide and varied. I could practice within rehabilitation hospitals, and this could be standard or sub-acute care. The sports field also includes wellness and fitness as well as prevention. There are sectors that include elderly care, home health and hospice care or outpatient services. I wanted to stay abreast of the sports world and still remain in the inner sanctum of sports, so I work at a hospital and for a professional sports team.

physical therapyI interact with multi-million dollar players and coaches because I am an integral part of the team, and as afar as a physical therapist salary is concerned,I surpassed the $100,000 dollar a year mark after a decade in the business. However, it is easy to make half of that within only a few years of entering the field professionally, and it only increases from there. The money makes it possible to focus on the business. This profession is responsible for returning people to health and often times after traumatic injuries, so it is about positive mental attitudes too. I am a cheerleader when it comes to bringing my patients through.

People often ask me how to begin, and sometimes these people are very young. If you are in high school, you should try becoming a manager for one or all of the sports teams. The same is true for college. By doing this, you will be under the direction of trained, experienced physical therapists. This will not only let you know if you are cut out for the job in general but especially for that particular sector. However, I suggest familiarizing yourself with the entirety of the possibilities that the profession offers because chances are good that you will find the perfect sector of the business that will suit you. I am happy, and I am sure you will be.